So day 1 of my readathon was a bit of a failure. I ended up waking up really late and I didn’t even touch a book until I got back into bed that night. There was a local heritage day in my town which I went to with my mum in the afternoon, and when I got home I wasted so much time scrolling through twitter and watching youtube instead of reading. But it’s fine, I’m not too annoyed at myself as I had a lovely afternoon spending time with my mum. 

I managed to read about 100 pages of Siege and Storm before I fell asleep. I’m really enjoying it so I really want to try and get it finished today! If I do I think I will either start Ruin and Rising or read The Princess Saves Herself In This One… I’ll see how I feel. 

I really hope day 2 goes better and I can get lots of reading done today!


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