17415685._UY200_Siege and Storm is the second book in the Grisha trilogy by Leigh Bardugo. I really enjoyed the first book so I was very excited to pick up the second, and I wasn’t disappointed. I loved it!

My favourite thing about this book was the protagonist, Alina’s, character development. I think Alina came a long way in the first book, but in Siege and Storm she developed even further into a strong, badass lady. I loved seeing her take charge of the second army and gain the confidence to become a powerful leader. She spoke her mind and really accepted and became the sun summoner.

I really loved the new characters that were introduced. Nikolai (aka Sturmhond in the beginning) has become my favourite character in the series. To start with, I didn’t trust him at all and even now I’m unsure whether he is trustworthy. But I really loved his charm, his quirky personality, and how he fought for what he believed in and what he wanted even if the fight would be long and arduous. Tolya and Tamar were also very interesting characters. I loved how strong and badass they were and their back story was very interesting. I loved the twist at the end that they had been working with the Apparat the whole time. I didn’t see that coming at all.

Mal annoyed me in this book. He became really whiney and unsupportive of Alina. At the same time it bothered me when Alina started hiding things from him. This is something I see way too often in YA novels and I find it really annoying to read about. If Alina was just honest with Mal about how she was feeling and what was happening to her with her visions of the Darkling etc then a lot of problems would be solved or not even started in the first place.

I really liked the political aspects of this book and how we saw the meetings where Alina and Nikolai tried to get things done. It was interesting to understand more of how the political system in Ravka works. The pirate aspect at the start of the book was really fun to read about and that battle at the end with the Darkling was incredible.

Overall I really enjoyed Siege and Storm. It was a really strong second book of a trilogy and I think I even enjoyed it more than the first! I can’t wait to read Ruin and Rising and see where this story goes!


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